My name is Natalia Stasenko and I am a Registered Dietitian at Tribeca Nutrition. You probably already know that helping children adopt balanced eating habits early in life is essential for their future relationship with food and it is certainly helpful for healthy family dynamics at a dinner table. As a mother of two, I have a first-hand experience trying to feed my family nutritious meals without losing my mind. Read more [...]

Snack Guide

Download your FREE copy of "How to Avoid 5 Pitfalls in Feeding Children" and learn practical solutions to everyday feeding problems. Expand your child's food 'repertoire". Avoid the "chicken nuggets-pizza" trap. Choose better snacks for your child. Prevent disordered eating in your child. Make mealtimes more pleasant for everyone. Read more [...]


Pediatric nutrition. Individual consultations and workshops: "I've done.... (what you recommended)... with my 2 daughters - 2 years old and 9 months old - as much as I can and it's already made a big difference. For example, my 2 year old eagerly comes to the dinner table, likes serving the food on her plate herself and is at least interested in the veggies. She will only play and nibble at the veggies right now but I'm expecting/ hoping for more progress." --- Amy K., New York "We started Read more [...]