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3 signs your child has a healthy relationship with food

As a registered dietitian, I am well aware of the wonders good nutrition can do. And still, despite all the knowledge and credentials behind my belt, striving for a perfect diet is much lower on my priority list than fostering a healthy relationship with food for my children. Of course, variety and an overall balance are important. But if we put all our energy into measuring portion sizes and counting numbers of servings we have less time to shape our child's healthy relationship with Read more... read more

Top 3 tips for successful Baby Led Weaning

Have you heard of Baby Led Weaning? Baby Led Weaning (BLW) is a finger-foods based approach to starting solids that originated in the UK. For the last few years BLW has been making waves on the internet, with more and more parents experimenting with this novel way to introduce their baby to solid foods. Last year I wrote about pros and cons of Baby Led Weaning and my experience using this approach with my third baby. Since then, I have been interviewed for articles on BLW, wrote a few Read more... read more

Deconstructed ramen makes a perfect family meal

Did you know that Japanese ramen soup can be a perfect deconstructed family meal that allows everyone in the find something to eat and reduce mealtime battles? Read more on why and how to deconstruct meals here. This variation of the recipe is probably not the most authentic but it is simple enough to put together on a busy night and exciting enough even for a Japanese food lover like my husband. Unlike most soups, ramen is designed to be assembled in a bowl before the aromatic broth is poured Read more... read more

Are there any vitamins which prevent kids from getting colds in winter?

Brrrr, it is freezing outside! No wonder many parents are worried about their children getting endless colds in the winter. One of the questions I was asked on Vidoyen was about vitamins that help children stay healthy. While I do not recommend any particular nutrients, there are certain lifestyle changes that help the whole family enjoy the winter months cold-free. Is there any vitamins which prevents kids from getting cold in winter ? posted by Natalia Stasenko MS, RD on Vidoyen. Have Read more... read more

Toddler eating habits that can drive you crazy

If you have been following our feeding adventures with the baby number 3, you may remember the sardines and raw zucchini this kids has been gobbling up until recently. And how she gnawed on broccoli and cooked chicken before that, as a 6 month old. You can read more about how we introduced solids using a mixed approach and served her finger foods at 6 months. I wrote about feeding issues that are really just normal milestones for a 1 year old here. Well, I have to say that things have been getting Read more... read more

Started baby on purees? Not to late to try Baby Led Weaning, too.

| Jan 11, 2016 | Introduction of solids, Videos with tips

I recently discovered a video blogging platform  and was thrilled to be included as a pediatric nutrition expert in an impressive panel of professionals including David L. Katz, director of Director Yale University Prevention Research Center and Lori Lite from, among many others. The first question I was asked as a Vidoyen expert, was this: "Hello from barcelona! I read all your articles and you are the only one saying-(in an article)-that purees Read more... read more