How to Make Your Tiny House Safe and Sturdy

One of the major concerns that potential tiny home owners have when building or buying a tiny house is safety. There are a lot of horror stories and experiences circulating around the internet about tiny houses catching on fire, flooding or getting ruined in storms, leaving their owners without a roof over their heads. We have put together a list of things to take into account when building a tiny home, having safety in mind.

Secure Your Foundation

Having a strong and secure foundations is very important for the overall sturdiness and safety of your tiny home. Make sure that you follow the proper regulations for the foundation and secure your home to avoid being affected by the storms and floods.

Use Certified Materials

Using recycled and reclaimed materials might help you save some funds when building your tiny home, but the downside of that is that it will be hard to insure your house and it might be impossible to follow all the safety regulations that are required for permanent residences in tiny houses for sale in california. Certified materials are tested to withstand the rigors of weather and everyday wear and tear.

Use Professionals for Sensitive Jobs

Tiny houses are often synonymous with a DIY lifestyle and most of tiny house owners are proud to have built their own homes and running their homestead. While the DIY is attractive to many people, it might not be a good option for many tiny house owners. If you are not skilled or experienced enough in electrical wiring, plumbing and water, fire safety and insulation, it might be a better idea to hire a professional for those jobs. There is plenty of work to be done elsewhere on your home and you will still get the DIY experience, but you will sleep easier knowing that a certified professional took care of your plumbing and wiring. It will also be easier to get insurance coverage for such a house, built using certified materials and labor.

Make Sure to Follow Safety Regulations

Even though tiny homes don’t take up much of space and you are tempted to cut corners wherever you can to make more room, it is a much better idea to follow the safety regulations. They were put in place to keep you safe and secure in your home. Make sure that you still follow the guidelines that are used for regular-sized houses, include proper insulation and isolation, don’t use extremely flammable materials and regularly maintain your appliances and installations.

Fire Safety is Paramount

Tiny homes pose a higher fire hazard risk, then their regular-sized counterparts. Make sure that you follow the fire code strictly, put fire and smoke detectors in all the rooms in the house and have a fire extinguisher handy and easy to reach in case of emergencies. Being caught in a fire in a tiny space can be a very traumatizing experience that might have serious consequences, so it is better to be prepared for everything.

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