3 signs your child has a healthy relationship with food

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As a registered dietitian, I am well aware of the wonders good nutrition can do. And still, despite all the knowledge and credentials behind my belt, striving for a perfect diet is much lower on my priority list than fostering a healthy relationship with food for my children. Of course, variety and an overall balance are important. But if we put all our energy into measuring portion sizes and counting numbers of servings we have less time to shape our child's healthy relationship with Read more... read more

Top 3 tips for successful Baby Led Weaning

Have you heard of Baby Led Weaning? Baby Led Weaning (BLW) is a finger-foods based approach to starting solids that originated in the UK. For the last few years BLW has been making waves on the internet, with more and more parents experimenting with this novel way to introduce their baby to solid foods. Last year I wrote about pros and cons of Baby Led Weaning and my experience using this approach with my third baby. Since then, I have been interviewed for articles on BLW, wrote a few Read more... read more

Deconstructed ramen makes a perfect family meal

Did you know that Japanese ramen soup can be a perfect deconstructed family meal that allows everyone in the find something to eat and reduce mealtime battles? Read more on why and how to deconstruct meals here. This variation of the recipe is probably not the most authentic but it is simple enough to put together on a busy night and exciting enough even for a Japanese food lover like my husband. Unlike most soups, ramen is designed to be assembled in a bowl before the aromatic broth is poured Read more... read more

Are there any vitamins which prevent kids from getting colds in winter?

| Jan 22, 2016 | Child nutrition
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Brrrr, it is freezing outside! No wonder many parents are worried about their children getting endless colds in the winter. One of the questions I was asked on Vidoyen was about vitamins that help children stay healthy. While I do not recommend any particular nutrients, there are certain lifestyle changes that help the whole family enjoy the winter months cold-free. Is there any vitamins which prevents kids from getting cold in winter ? posted by Natalia Stasenko MS, RD on Vidoyen. Have Read more... read more

Toddler eating habits that can drive you crazy

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If you have been following our feeding adventures with the baby number 3, you may remember the sardines and raw zucchini this kids has been gobbling up until recently. And how she gnawed on broccoli and cooked chicken before that, as a 6 month old. You can read more about how we introduced solids using a mixed approach and served her finger foods at 6 months. I wrote about feeding issues that are really just normal milestones for a 1 year old here. Well, I have to say that things have been getting Read more... read more

Started baby on purees? Not to late to try Baby Led Weaning, too.

I recently discovered a video blogging platform vidoyen.com  and was thrilled to be included as a pediatric nutrition expert in an impressive panel of professionals including David L. Katz, director of Director Yale University Prevention Research Center and Lori Lite from www.stressfreekids.com, among many others. The first question I was asked as a Vidoyen expert, was this: "Hello from barcelona! I read all your articles and you are the only one saying-(in an article)-that purees Read more... read more

Looking for help with picky eating? Avoid these 5 pitfalls.

With the proliferation of websites and books devoted to sorting out feeding problems including picky eating, it seems like it is easy to get solutions for your dinnertime troubles by just flipping a few pages or scrolling through a couple of articles. But, like with many other things in life, getting help with picky eating may not be as easy as it seems. I am excited to see so many feeding professionals offering high quality services to families, whether personally, through their books or online. Read more... read more

7 feeding issues that are normal

My baby has just turned one, so it has been a little over six months since we started our feeding journey using a mixed approach. She has done very well, challenging me at times, learning non stop and creating as much mess as she possibly could. I have been posting photos and little videos of some of the transitions she has been going through on Facebook. My main goal was to share with other parents that some typical changes were not feeding issues but rather pretty normal stages. This Read more... read more

5 steps for screen free mealtimes

Your child will not eat without a TV on? Low battery on iPad in the middle of lunch makes you panic? Think reading to your child at mealtimes is better because it is educational? Many of us resort to mealtime distractions because they seem to be the only way to get our children to sit down and eat. If you are like most parents, you may have started doing it because of a genuine concern that your child is not getting enough calories. But his eating will not get better before you get rid of Read more... read more

Do our children feel respected at mealtimes?

Do you do your best to listen carefully and validate your child's opinion? Do you avoid embarrassing him, especially in the presence of others? Do you teach your child to be confident and independent? Does all of the above apply to mealtimes? Here is a story my 6 year old shared with me yesterday: "The teachers were making me take more bites of the chicken at lunch. I told them I was full. I wanted to leave room for my dessert, too, because it was my favorite peach crumble. So Read more... read more

Why one bite rule may not work for your child

Curious about how your child may feel about trying new food? Imagine yourself in front of a plate of roasted CRICKETS in a respectable restaurant, with the chief standing in front of you and describing nutritional and environmental benefits of toasted crickets! (Real experience in one of London trendy eateries) How many prompts would you need before finally trying one bite of these guys? What if a friend sitting next to you was forcing you to take a bite and shaming you for not doing so? What Read more... read more

Real Baby Food cookbook giveaway

What is a perfect baby food cookbook? If you ask me, I would go for an array of simple and nutritious recipes combined with nutritional advice many parents need so desperately during this formative period of introduction to solids. And please give me some gorgeous pictures to pick me up on those exhausting early mornings. Jenna Helwig's book Real Baby Food  is all of the above and more. Here are just some of the questions it answers for you: What is a good first food? How often my child Read more... read more

Getting real or why ketchup is back in my fridge

A couple of  years ago I wrote a bog post with a somewhat complacent headline “Crossing ketchup off my shopping list”. In this post I described how we ran a taste test of different tomato sauces with my chidden and, after identifying their favorite, switched to it instead of using ketchup.   Well, guess what… Yep, here it is, sitting nicely on a shelf in my fridge. Just wanted to make sure you know, my husband and I NEVER eat ketchup. We are not used to it. He grew up Read more... read more

5 breakfast ideas “outside the cereal box”

If your family is like many others, breakfast is one of those meals where variety seems to be harder to achieve. When everyone is  focused on getting out of the door and not to forget backpacks, laptops and lunch boxes, it seems like there is not time for experimenting with new foods. Of course, eating the same thing for breakfast for years is not worse than eating no breakfast at all.  But I like to switch things up if it is not too much work. One of the reasons is adding variety to my kids' Read more... read more

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