- Are you struggling to feed your child balanced meals?

- Does your dinner table resemble a battlefield?

- Are you wondering if food allergies prevent you or your child from eating well?

- Would you like to learn more about the “how-to” of feeding children in order to help them develop life-long eating habits that start with eating better now?

- Do you want to raise a child who eats in response to hunger and satiety and has smaller chances of overweight and disordered eating?

- Do you need help optimizing your nutrition during pregnancy and breastfeeding so that your baby gets the best start for a healthy life?

If you answered “yes” to at lest one of these questions, you are in the right place.

I am a Registered Dietitian specializing in prenatal and child nutrition with years of experience working with families through my online classes, workshops and one-on-one counseling. I have also worked as a nutrition consultant for numerous organizations, including Head Start.

You and I can work together to help your child start eating the amount he needs and expand the variety in diet. You will also get specific meal ideas and feeding tips, whether you are puzzled by starting solids, feeding a picky eater, providing nutritious meals with food allergies in mind or planning vegetarian and vegan meals for your family.

 As a mother of three children one of whom used to be extremely picky, I have a first-hand experience trying to feed my family nutritious meals without losing my mind. The evidence based strategies you will learn will reduce the mealtime pressure, help your child eat better right now and also contribute to development of a long tern positive relationship with food.

To get up-to-date advice on introduction of solids, transitioning to table foods or feeding a picky toddlers, check my online classes.

Browse my blog where you may find answers to some of your questions and lots of easy and nutritious recipes for your family.

Looking forward to connecting to you soon!

 Natalia Stasenko MS, RD, CDN


Recent videos with feeding tips and strategies:

How to stop making separate meals

What to do if all your kids want for dinner is their favorite food?


Registered Dietitian (RD) with Master of Science in Nutrition Education from Columbia University
Founder of Feeding Bytes, an online nutrition school for parents
Author of Tribeca Nutrition blog, providing easy family recipes and feeding tips
Consulting dietitian for a number of organizations, including Head Start, a federal program for families with small children
Creator of Nuts and Bolts of Child Feeding, a popular age-specific nutrition workshop for parents offered in NYC since 2011
Featured in a variety media outlets, such as Kiwi magazine, Parents magazine, The Slate, Huffington Post, Food and Nutrition Magazine.

Professional association memberships and affiliations:

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One Comment

  1. I desperately need your help. I have 3 and a half year old twins diagnosed with autism (mild-medium) and they are very resistant eaters. One is non verbal and she seems willing to try certain things but they do not eat a varried diet and it’s is so stressful i really don’t know what to do.

    I am based in canada so if you can offer some kind of advice I would really appreciate it.

    they don;t really sit at the table for more than 3-4 minutes and one only eats white food but the non verbal one would eat red sauce – they do like to eat fresh fruits but pureed and mac and cheese as their only and main meal…i can sneak veggies in the sauce but it has to stay orange the most extreme case scenario – if it’s white they won;t eat it…they used to eat everything. One also has low muscle tone not sure if that means anything

    they love carbs so they will eat toast or waffles with cream cheese or cheese, butter, but that’s about it.

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