How cannabis industry evolved since 1960-s?

Recently, people are going for the legalization of cannabis. In about 20 states in the U.S. cannabis is made legal. This industry is now expected to make billions of dollars as recreational marijuana is available to the mainstream. However, the scenario was not quite the same in the early days.

During the 50’s all drugs, including cocaine, marijuana or heroin was termed as ‘dope’. These were considered to be addicting and dangerous. People used to take the drugs illegally and there was harsh punishment for possession of these drugs. In the mid 60’s, the college students became addicted to cannabis. Children of the middle-class Americans started smoking marijuana and other drugs. They considered it to be fun and harmless, even though it was not legal. Between 1965 and 1970, more people were found in the possession of marijuana and got arrested for it.

During the ‘70s, marijuana used to arrive from source countries by trucks, boats or cargo planes. These were in the form of dried-up flakes which first arrived in Columbia and then distributed to different parts of the US. The potency of marijuana is about 57%-67% more than it was in the ‘70s. The reason is that in the past it was not allowed to grow marijuana in U.S.As it had to travel long distances before getting into the U.S. market, the quality of marijuana deteriorated on the way. Another reason is that people didn’t have that much knowledge about marijuana before. Marijuana in the past used to contain the stem, leaves and other parts of the plant. It contained small feminized flower called the sinsemilla which is the main element of marijuana. Nowadays, people buy sinsemilla only.  That’s why the potency of marijuana is more than it was before.

During the ‘80s the import of marijuana decreased as the Americans started to learn how to grow marijuana in their homeland using the latest technology. So, higher quality strains were found. In 2000, the amount of sinsemilla in cannabis samples was only 3.2%. But in 2010, the quantity increased to 60%. Research works on marijuana increased as more marijuana was grown in the U.S.

Now the potency of marijuana is really high and it is legal to possess recreational marijuana in many states. In the future, it is predicted that more states and other countries will legalize the use of marijuana.

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