5 ways Trump’s new immigration policies will affect the Indians

Trump has recently proposed a new immigration policy to the Congress. His new policy is going to affect the Indians in many ways. Here are some highlights of the new policy and how it’s going to affect the people of India.

  • It’s now going to be a merit-based immigration scheme. Only highly skilled people with good education, employment record, and English, proficiency will be able to apply in this scheme. People in the IT sector will get priority.
  • The extended-family visa won’t be available anymore. That means the immigrants won’t be able to bring their old parents or siblings to the US. They can only bring their immediate family members; that is, spouse and children.
  • The immigrant population will be diversified. That is, people from other countries will have the opportunity to become immigrants rather than having a pool of immigrants from countries like India, Mexico, and China. So, less number of Indians will be able to get visas as immigrants.
  • The Deferred Action for Childhood Program (DACA) has ended recently. So, those young Indians who were brought as a child to the U.S by their parents undocumented are now at the risk of being deported.
  • It usually takes 11 years for an Indian immigrant to get a Green Card. But with the introduction of the merit-based immigration scheme, it will take less time to get the Green Card.

These will have a significant effect on the lives of the Indians living in the U.S and also on those who wish to immigrate to the U.S. in future. With time, it will be evident how greatly the new policy has affected the Indian immigrants.

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